Fuel Card

LUKOIL fuel cards allow addressing current issues of fuel supply and savings on fuel and lubricants for every company, as well as planning and controlling fuel consumption while refueling on favorable terms.

Benefits of LUKOIL fuel card
High degree of card protection, security of funds.
More than 3,700 LUKOIL Stations in Russia and abroad.
Flexible pricing plans, up to 10% discounts.
Comprehensive business solutions.
Online management.
Single account for all cards.
24-hour support.

This is a LUKOIL Fuel Card based program for businesses from any region of the Russian Federation. The Program provides a flexible discount system depending on your purchase volume. Your discount rate increases pro rata to your purchase volume.

A single invoice issued under the Contract, irrespective of the number of Cards.

This is a Program specifically designed for haulers engaged in the commercial transportation of goods.

A discount under the LICARD-TRANSIT Program is enabled if your company’s OKVED (Russian Classification of Economic Activities) codes are one of the following: 49.31, 49.39, 49.4, 53

  • Contract Application Form
  • Fuel Card User Guide

Order a Card

  • Перечень АЗС, оборудованных системой «ЛИКАРД»
  • Список АЗС, участвующих в программе «ЛИКАРД-Транзит»

For more information, please contact us on the toll-free 24-hour Hotline: ​

 in Russia: 8800100091,  abroad: +74956278085